FAQ - Frequently asked questions

No. Your paysafecard will be delivered to you online quickly, securely and free of charge.

Security and protection of your information is guaranteed. Please see WKV.com security guarantee

We support the following payment methods:

  • Transfer-Online
  • Bank transfer
Please see here for details.

The paysafecard is Europe's first prepaid voucher for shopping on the Internet that allows every card owner to perform secure, easy and anonymous payments. The paysafecard is accepted by a vast number of online shops. It can be purchased conveniently in your favorite store. You don't have to answer questions about your personal or financial situation nor about bank details or credit card numbers. Using the paysafecard does not require installation of software or additional hardware.

To pay with your paysafecard, just scratch the protective coating from the field on the rear of your paysafecard. This field now shows a 16-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number). For your personal security, you should protect your PIN with a personal password before using your paysafecard for the first time. You can create this password in the Password Administration section. Our partner web shops can be found under "Web Shops". To pay a web shop, just click on the "paysafecard" button. A connection will then be established with our paysafecard server. Now enter your 16-digit PIN that you previously scratched off. That's it! Furthermore, you can check the credit balance on your paysafecard under "Credit Balance Summary" at any time.

There are no restrictions with respect to the validity of the paysafecard. Please observe our most recent general business conditions.

Please go to www.paysafecard.com to check your balance.

For each payment transaction, you can use up to 10 (ten) paysafecards simultaneously. Just buy as many paysafecards as you need to pay the price to be paid. Example: If you wish to buy a product whose price is EUR 300.00, you'll need three paysafecards at EUR 100.00 each. Move the desired product into the shopping cart, click on paysafecard to select the payment method as usual, and enter the PINs of each paysafecard one after the other. That's it!

Please remember:
When making a payment, it is not possible to combine paysafecard PINs purchased online with paysafecard PINs bought at a sales outlet in Germany, such as Edeka, Rossmann, Shell or Rewe. It is also not possible to top up German my paysafecard accounts with paysafecard PINS purchased online.

The serial number is only used for logistic purposes. The 16-digit PIN in the lower right corner of the paysafecard is used to pay web shops on the Internet and to check your credit balance.

We store the details of your order and send them to you along with our general terms and conditions. You can also access our terms and conditions at any time here. Your order details are not accessible over the internet for security reasons.

In case of problems or questions regarding your paysafecard, please contact 24/7:
E-Mail: info@paysafecard.com
For questions regarding your order at WKV.com please contact:
E-Mail: info@wkv.com

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